About Us

The rapid expansion and commitment to service excellence has positioned ZuriTech as the market leader in Africa and the resellers’ first choice for sourcing IT products and Web Technologies. ZuriTech represents an array of world leading brands such as Asus, Seagate, Acer, HP, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Lenovo, LG, Dell, Fijutsu, Blackberry and other leading brands.

With an experienced team of over 30 professionals operating from different countries we focus on delivering superior service to all our customers. The diversity of our workforce enables us to understand local market requirements and deploy appropriate corporate resources to maximize customer value accordingly.

ZuriTech continuously strives to extend geographical coverage of its business and at the same time increase customer values and enhance the efficiency of how customers do business with us. Building close relationships with our clients, hardware vendors and local professional resellers throughout the world , we develop our business with the ambition to secure a satisfying profitability for all partners within the business channel.

Our Mission

ZuriTech continuously strives to improve the performance of its businesses and attain its vision. Our strategy is to develop the right vision for each business unit, recruit the right people to manage these units and empower them with the right resources to achieve their objectives.

Our Vision

The ZuriTech Vision statement is based on principles that inspire the group and its staff. To improve people’ lives whether at home or in the workplace and to spread technology by bringing it closer to people and businesses so it is more useable, affordable and effective. To create profitable businesses that achieves high levels of growth, and has the potential to be among the top in their chosen segments